Why People Blog: Unveiling the Motivations and Benefits

Why do People Blog?

At the beginning of the blogging culture, blogs were just a way to convey thoughts and experiences online just like a journal. However, with digitalization, blogging has also evolved and become pivotal for commercial usage more than personal.

Companies and people have started blogging for the public to promote their services and brand instead of just sharing their personal experiences with friends and family online.

However, the main question here is why do people blog? What are the benefits it brings when used professionally? If you are looking for the answers to these questions, you will surely find them in this blog.

Reasons to blog

Earn from blogging

Nowadays, blogging has become an excellent source of income, hence, people have started doing it full-time. You can now add multiple advertisements to your blogs and get paid a fixed percentage of amount on each conversion by the respective company. This is known as affiliate marketing and the income depends on the traffic you are able to draw to your website that is converted into sales. For example, if you are writing a blog about websites and have an ad put in it of a company that sells domains, each sale made after clicking the ad on your blog will contribute to your earnings.


To share their passion

When you are passionate and good at something, you would want the world to know about it through your vision, it can be anything, like, fashion, marketing, photography, travelling experience, or anything else, blogging is an incredible way to share it with everyone. By doing this, you create a community of people who have similar interests as you and open the door to connect with them not just locally but globally without any language barrier!

To educate others

Blogging is an excellent platform to impart knowledge if you are an expert and love to teach others. Just like above, you will create a community of people who wish to learn and also have similar interests, however, here who can learn from other experts as well. When you will carry out several types of research for your blogs on new subjects, you will also learn in the process. This can easily be turned into income if you start selling online informative products.

To build authority

If you are a person who wants to speak at events of a particular industry or become an author, building authority is extremely important and that can be obtained through blogging. You can start your career by blogging about the niche you have expertise in so that people begin to follow them and recognize you as an authority in that specific niche. Later on, these blogs will give you the opportunity to record podcasts, give interviews and ultimately achieve your goals.

To rank in Search Engines

Blogs are used to drive traffic to your website and also gives the search engine exclusive content to index on a regular basis. Each content can be used to rank a focus keyword that will attract the targeted audience to your website. Many businesses have adopted this strategy of combining the web pages with blog postings that will allow them to target commercial keywords along with non-commercial ones. This tactic is best to attract both, customer and information seekers and is increasingly used by companies as well as freelancers.


Benefits of blogging

Build trust and create an online identity

One of the best benefits of blogging is that you can build and control your or your business’s online identity through it other than the one available on social media. People can search your name and find your blogs or your author’s blogs on other pages.

Learn new things

Blogging is not just about sharing your knowledge but also about learning new things on a regular basis. Before you start a blog, you learn about your niche along with a variety of other topics like web development, so that you can teach others and then in order to promote these blogs, you will learn email marketing, social media marketing and so much more.

Improve your writing skills

It is an old saying that practice makes a man perfect! The more your practice a skill, the more it gets polished and writing is no exception to it. Blogging not only improves your writing skills but also your vocabulary and your way of expressing yourself.

Gain technical knowledge


At least once in your career of blogging, you will come across a time when you will have to write technical blogs related to tools, methods, computing, etc. These blogs don’t have to be typical but you will surely learn about new things beyond your niche and also tell your viewers about it. You will also be working on many semi-automated tools and processes yourself that is simple to learn and easily available on the internet.