Protect Yourself: Tips to Avoid Cyber Crime Victimization

How to Avoid Being a Cyber Crime Victim

Cybercrime is a very real and frightening offense that is looting and coning millions of innocent people all over the world and that too not just financially. It has become far more dangerous than that by evolving each day and setting a new level of threats.

Hackers who misuse financial information stands at the bottom of the list now. The problem has increased so much that some people are now scared to use the internet entirely which is not the solution for this problem. Instead, one should know how to recognize cybercrime and even spread awareness about it. However, this is only the first step to protect yourself and your important data.

What is cybercrime?

If you want your business to gain the most out of your social media marketing, you must be present on the right platform. How to decide? Should you be working more on Twitter or Facebook? What about Instagram? What if you want to post just video content? Why is everyone talking about LinkedIn? There are many people out there who have started their channel or created accounts without figuring out their end goals, hence, did not achieve as much as they expected and had to go back to start again. This has not only wasted their time but also money. Therefore, to prevent this disaster, give yourself a calculated start as per your goal on the following platforms.


Any crime that takes place online is known as cybercrime. It is committed by cyber criminals either by targeted computer networks or mobile phones. Moreover, there is a variety of these crimes, such as cyber-stalking, sexual exploitation, revenge porn, bullying, harassment, and many others. One step ahead of cybercriminals are the terrorists who collaborate on the internet to operate their crimes and terrorist activities into cyberspace.

Pointers to protect yourself or recognize cybercrime

Manage your social media settings

The most common type of cybercrime happens on social media since everyone, from infants to senior citizens, has moved on it to share their life experiences and events. Children and aged people are an easy target for these criminals due to lack of awareness amongst them, hence, you can manage your social media settings to protect your data from the public or select people who can view your private moments. In this era, it is extremely important to you to keep your private photos and information locked down. Social engineering cybercriminals can have access to your data within few clicks and misuse it according to their leverage, therefore, the more you share, the more are your chances to be targeted. To exemplify, if you share your pet's name or your nickname, you are giving them the answers to your secret security questions.

Use strong passwords

A password should always be unique and strong, something that is not easy to guess, changed regularly, and should not be repeated for any other website. The password should be complicated with a minimum number of 10 characteristics, numbers, as well as symbols. In order to remember and protect them, you can use a password management application.


A full-service internet security suite should be used

There are internet services that provide complete, real-time protection against developing as well as prevailing malware, including protection from viruses. They also protect your saved financial and personal information from getting stolen when you surf the internet.

Talk to your children about the internet

Prevention is always better than cure, hence, you can prevent your Z generation kids from cybercrimes by making sure they are aware about it as shutting down the communication channels for them is nearly impossible especially at this time when we are in pandemic and education is carried out online. You will have to make sure that they can talk to you as well if they experience any kind of harassment, bullying or exploitation online.

Keep your software up-to-date

This point is crucial for operating systems and internet security software. The cyber criminals are computer experts and they know all the loopholes or flaws in your system that can make it easier for them to gain access. Hence, eliminating these flaws can make you less likely to become one of their targets.

Protect yourself from online identity thefts

When someone wrongly gets access to your personal data through a fraud especially for financial gain, it is known as identity theft. These cybercriminals will cunningly offer a monetary benefit or service and gain your trust by simply being friendly and then trick you into giving your financial and personal information over the internet or call. In such cases, VPN or Virtual Private Network can protect you by monitoring the data you share or receive online.


What should an individual do when he/she becomes a cybercrime victim?

The first and foremost decision you should make if you feel that you are a cybercrime victim is to inform the local authority such as police. This step is essential even if you think that the crime was minor or the loss is not that huge as your report may assist in bigger investigations that are existing or might occur in future. If you think that your identity has been stolen then you should immediately report it to your banks and credit companies to freeze your information. You can also place a fraud alert on your credit file, a feature that most of the credit score companies offer, in case the criminal pretends to be you for a credit card or anything else.